Excellence of C&B

Excellence of C&B
Expertise and Reliability
Achieve expertise and reliability through the payroll specialists and labor attorneys who specialize in payroll, social insurances, labor laws and tax services.  
Provide constant services based on 19 years of business continuity. 
Build up global standard system through partnerships with leading global payroll outsourcing companies.
Have a high sense of understanding for the client’s business and strategic services to respond to the client’s HR needs promptly and accurately through various know-hows accumulated working with domestic and global companies.
Security and Stability
Enhance security management system through acquiring international certification of ISO 27001 for information protection management and encryption program operations. 
Retain risk management ability based on Business Continuity Plan (BCP) and Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP). 
Provide diverse services quickly and conveniently through self-developed web services.