Payroll Outsourcing

Benefits of Outsourcing Payroll
Payroll outsourcing
Payroll outsourcing company handles your various payroll services (such as salary, bonus, severance pay, social insurance, withholding tax, year-end tax settlement, and etc.) with professional payroll specialists.
Important Benefits of Outsourcing Payroll
Reduce risk – Your payroll data is extremely sensitive. If you outsource payroll, it reduces risk of security incident and ensure that your data is in safe hands.
Focusing on core activities – It frees up time and resources therefore, clients can concentrate on the strategic areas of the business.
Increasing operating efficiencies  - It allows you to see a transparent cost of the payroll and also alleviate the variable cost burdens such as maintaining the payroll staff, recruitment and training cost.
Avoid Payroll Knowledge and Information Disconnection - If your payroll staff gets a new job or transfer to other department, there can be a disconnection in the regular workflow. Using an outsourced service eliminates such business risk.
Payroll Outsourcing Scope
Monthly payrollSeverance pay managementAdministration of national social insurancesYear-end Tax SettlementFiling Reports to Tax Office
Computation and payment of withholding taxes
Output of the monthly payroll list by Departments and Cost centers
Net payment transfer - transfer to each employee’s bank account
Sending out the payroll slip via email or hard copy or employees can check at with individual ID/PW
Statutory filing
Statement of Severance pay calculation
Voucher of Severance Pay Tax Withheld
Register of income tax withheld
Certificate of Register of income tax withheld
Registration for new hired employees and withdrawal for terminated employees
Monthly deduction and payment
Annual settlement
Statutory filing
Provides a guideline pack to each client's HR
Employees can input data directly at C&B web solution (
Process the Year-end Tax Settlement
Provide Year-end Tax Settlement certificates to employees
Statutory filing
Preparation & report of withheld taxes as monthly base
Income, Resident, Severance, Business taxes
Service introduction process
Answer general inquiries
Identify specific requirement of clients
Send proposal
Visit and presentation
Identify payroll details
Make contract 
Request client’s data for implementation
Client data analysis
Transfer to C&B system
Take approximately 90 days